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sw_saga_drabble's Journal

Star Wars Saga drabbles
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Welcome to Star Wars Saga drabbles, the community for short, round-number fanfiction taking place in the Star Wars universe.

Every week, a new prompt will be posted for you to write around. The drabble doesn't have to fit the prompt exactly (the prompt "darkness" could be about the Dark Side, a dark room, dark clothing). You can post as many per prompt as you like. If you'd like to use a prompt from a previous week, go for it.


  • Drabbles must be 100, 200, 300, 400 or 500 words in length. If your post doesn't match a round-number word count it won't be deleted, but the point of the challenge is to fit relatively close to the definition of a drabble.
  • You can use this site to provide you with a wordcount.
  • They can be about any character, pairing, or even inanimate object you want to write about (a drabble about the Millenium Falcon is totally okay). Anything from that gal in the Rebel Base on Hoth to Mace Windu.
  • Any area of the EU comics, novels, or video games are allowed.
  • EU canon is optional. If you want to write a twenty-years-later piece about Lando Calrissian and don't want to follow the story that the EU writers have given him and/or the Galaxy, that's quite acceptable.
  • Drabbles containing sexual content are fine, but please refrain from things like pedophilia and rape.


  • Post your entries under an LJ-cut.
  • Please include in the author's note if the drabble contains extreme violence or sex.
  • Check here for the era that your fic falls under. You can also put a specific book, series, or video game in for that area.

Please post your drabbles with the following header:


  • This should go without saying, but no bashing. Don't leave nasty or rude comments on somebody's story.
  • Similarly, if someone offers you constructive criticism, don't blow up at them.
  • This community is open to homosexual pairings, so even if you personally don't like it, just skip over that one.